Premier Advocacy Services was created with one clear mission in mind. To provide high quality advocacy and support services to people with disabilities and acquired brain injuries. We do this by putting people first. The people we support are the ultimate deciders in the way their life should be lived, and why shouldn’t they be? Often in this field, this is not the case. Premier Advocacy Services is setting out to change that.

We start by developing a strong team of dedicated team members to work towards this. We do everything in our power to bring the most compassionate, caring people we can on Premier Advocacy Services. We won’t hire just anyone. The people we support deserve more than just a warm body. We only bring on team members that we feel have a deep understanding of what it means to be a champion for the people we support. We impart them with great training that sets a strong foundation of person-centered values and develop a strong support system around our team members to ensure they feel confident and well supported to do their work. We break down the nuisances of paperwork and documentation by capitalizing on technology to make our team more efficient so that they can truly focus on the most important part of their job, which is to step up and be the best advocates and supports that they can be for the people that we support.

Is it that simple? Yes. Not every day is easy. Not every day goes as we plan it. But we come back every single day so we can continue on our journey to be the best we can for the people we support at Premier Advocacy Services. The people we support deserve that.


(307) 414-0384


We serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries in Laramie, Albany, Carbon, Converse, Goshen, and Platte County.


We are certified through Medicaid to provide case management and in-home services for individuals on the Home and Community Based Waiver.


We graciously accept donations of any amount. Donations help supplement our services and allows us to provide more opportunities for individuals that they would not otherwise receive.